04 September, 2015

College Bunting

 How does one photograph bunting? 
The items are small handfuls. Across the room, they just look nice. and small. and indistinguishable.

My youngest niece is at her first year at Claremont and I am sending her first care package. Something fun {including some mad money}.

Niece's school colors are Maroon and gold. Which I tried to enhance. The heart paper below was from a marbling class I took when I was still picture framing. It's been in my stash way too long and looks fun cut up here as hearts.

 I was inspired by a photo Alicia Paulson took for her blog: PosieGetsCozy.
I threw the inspiration photo onto my pinterest board: Embellishments.
It's been over a year since I saved that photo but here was a golden opportunity.

from' posy gets cozy'  http://www.bloglovin.com/frame?post=2389069609&group=0&frame_type=a&blog=1238&link=aHR0cDovL3Jvc3lsaXR0bGV0aGluZ3MudHlwZXBhZC5jb20vcG9zaWVfZ2V0c19jb3p5LzIwMTQvMDIvYWZ0ZXJub29uLW1vcm5pbmctcXVpbHQuaHRtbA&frame=1&click=0&user=3231323: from' posy gets cozy'  http://www.bloglovin.com/frame?post=2389069609&group=0&frame_type=a&blog=1238&link=aHR0cDovL3Jvc3lsaXR0bGV0aGluZ3MudHlwZXBhZC5jb20vcG9zaWVfZ2V0c19jb3p5LzIwMTQvMDIvYWZ0ZXJub29uLW1vcm5pbmctcXVpbHQuaHRtbA&frame=1&click=0&user=3231323

 My  one question for Alicia is how come her circles splay out perfectly with the sections evenly spaced. Mine only behave if you hold them.

No idea how long this ended up being.  I made the little pom poms and spheres yesterday and sewed them onto some bias tape this morning. Then I carefully packed it into a regional rate A box to send off via the post office. Not taking it out now.


02 September, 2015

Scrappy Zip Pouch

 This is another version of a zippy pouch.

The lining is attached to the outer fabric and all seams are sewn inside bias tape for a very pretty finish inside.

 The front side has the scrappy patchwork.

The backside - well, let's just say I have a difficult time working in black & white. I had to add color. This orange was going to be inside as the lining. Then I thought, why not do some orange top-stitching, and why not add this orange fabric onto the backside too....

 Inside seams all covered in bias tape. Pretty, pretty.

 A couple of weekends ago (aka earlier this summer), I made some CD holders for a custom sewing job on etsy and I had these tiny scraps left over - about the time The Sewing Chick posted her tutorial.

I sewed the 2" squares together and then left them under the clapper to stay flat. I went back and finished a project!

Even if it not strictly black and white, I love how it turned out.

31 August, 2015

Double Zipper Pencil Case

Interior fabric.

 Turned inside out. Almost reversible.
Actually, I like this quilted fabric as an inside too. Still have more of it...

Still turned inside-out.

A close-up of the gusset.
Very easy to add but not gonna work for a coin pocket in a wallet.
It's attached only in the side seams. Keeps items from falling out...

Sundays sewing had a little hiccup - see following.

Silly Sausage Sunday! DO share with us your most silliest sewing, completely goofy mistake you have ever done, in the comments below! wink emoticon I'll pick my favourite story about this time tomorrow and that silly sausage will WIN a pattern of choice from my shop!

Chris W is a purse designer from Australia and she posted the above Sunday morning.
My response that afternoon was:

Katydid Green OMG I regret reading this post this morning. Going outside now for a time-out.

 It should not look like this.

My time-out:
I did go outside. In our windstorm, branches and pine cones flailed out of the trees which we picked up between small rain showers. I have missed the rain. It has been four months since we've seen any rain here.
Then I came inside and did my juicing chore. Now I am all set up with my green juice for the week.

  I flipped channels on the tv and found a OPB (Oregon Public Broadcasting) Simon & Garfunkle pledge concert. Ripping out stitches to Simon & Garfunkle - well I can't recommend it enough. Old favorites to sing along to.

It went very pleasantly and I did some other hand-stitching as well until the concert was over.

Now it looks like the bag I won this last week.

I used some Japanese quilted fabric as my outer fabric. My lining is also from Japan. The red & skinny black stripe is stash as is the skinny black piping. I also used a double zip because it works very well for this bag.

This bag is just over 8" in length and about 4" high.  This is very cute and the inside finishes are similar to my son's ditty bag albeit a little smaller overall than his bag. This pattern is on my to-do list with oil cloth and a slightly bigger profile.

Pattern is here:
Zipper Pencil Case with side gussets

28 August, 2015

Red Letter Winner

 I'm having a pleasant weekend.

I won a blog giveaway recently from Red Letter Quilts.
I'm new to reading Heidi's blog and she had a giveaway to celebrate blogging 200 posts!

And I won.
 Such a nice little bag filled to the gills with happy fabric. Heidi asked my preferences and of course I replied, "airplanes and aqua/turquoise colors".

 Included was a lot of fabric, several with sewing themes, a key fob and she found a fun airplane fabric.

Muchos Gracias!


Look at that gusset up there. I need to make this bag and then maybe the one-sided gusset in a coin pocket will make more sense. This is a sturdy bag with piping that stands up on it's own.
Happy Day.

And it has been. I have my time off work and it's free time. We were planning to fly our Stearman to a much anticipated airshow in Madras, Oregon. Due to forest fires, interesting TFRs (temporary flight rules), rain forecast, and possible high winds -- we changed our plans.

On a snarky/funny/weird note, letting the union handle my time off battle was wise. Very wise.  Missy union told supervisor off to the point where supervisor talked to me on Wednesday afternoon in a chatty/perky manner about how she never intended me to think my leave was cancelled, and la-dee-dah, the world is pretty nice.   Smart me just looks at her and says nothing. {Bet'cha you can't tell what I was thinking though???}

Dear daughter is coming home from Ketchikan this weekend so I will get to spend time with her before I go back to work.

This morning, Creative Girl and I took in several garage sales with successful results.
She bought like a gazillion chairs for her shop. I found some more sewing stuff: patterns and fabric.

RunningwithRocket is at 740 posts published over 7 years.  I should have a giveaway someday soon. I'll have to mull over what to give away.

25 August, 2015

Fair Premiums

 Another successful fair year here in Canbyland.
This foxy pieced pillow earned Class Champion. Woot!

 I made this Monopoly table topper many years ago and decided it was time to move it on. You can buy it here in my etsy shop. This was my successful effort at making a square from obviously printed off-grain and off-kilter fabric from Joann's. I had to do some strange manipulations to get the three fabrics to behave. I also made the tassels on the four corners.

 This airplane tote won a blue ribbon

 As did this Bella Wallet

 My chickie hotpad won second in the potholder class.

 All seven of the items I entered.
I won ribbons on five.

 So much fun. They are all listed in my etsy shop, RunningWithNeedles. When I sell these handmade items, I include the fair ribbon.  A little touch of fun-ness.

So - work stuff: Getting my time off - thanks to the union. Supervisor is still wanting to argue it, but seriously - so not my problem.

We are probably not going to Madras this weekend. Not only do we have forest fires (smoke) to contend with but there is another long-range forecast for rain - which may or may not happen. {{no rain in over four months except for piddly drops here and there that evaporated before they hit the ground}

I'm fine with this. I got to go flying last week and it really lightened my load. I am so zen in my head right now.

Oh - yes! I won $16 in fair premiums this year. Double WOOT!

23 August, 2015

Opal Creek

A couple of weeks ago, when my sis was visiting, we hiked up to the waterslides on Opal Creek.
These are natural waterslides carved out of years of water running through the steep ravines that make up the watershed of the creek. 

The water is clear and gorgeous, set among old growth fir trees that were put into federal  protection mode in 1996. The fir trees tower above you, shading you as you walk a gravel road in an almost 8-mile easy hike. Not too much change in elevation.

When we pulled up to the parking area, it was obvious, this is a popular spot to the locals who know.  Once we entered the walking trail, it was also obvious that there are many shallow spots along this creek to play. 

Nature has rounded off the rock bed under the creek and snow melts have created shallow pools, deeper pools, and of course, the waterslides.
Even though the water was low in August, there was still enough water to propel you down.

The most crowded area was the trail.

Each of my videos are only 3 - 8 seconds. Fun to watch. Wish you had been here with us.

A really nice video by our Grant McOmie tells you more.

A lumber company back in depression years tried to log some of the old growth but went bankrupt when two of their trucks fell off the road. The road up has been much improved since then. It easy to appreciate the steep ravines as you drive up.

I think I saw also that this creek is one of the few undammed creeks in Oregon and there are native cutthroat running up to the sawmill pool (two miles in on the trail). We saw lots of little fingerlings up at the waterslide as well as some larger fish.

Coming back out, (our feet recall the gravel trail well), we watched a young man and his girlfriend do a 30' high dive off a rock protruding over a deep pool. Somersault and everything. Beautiful day.

Almost forgot the stills:


High diving pool from atop big rock

See it from this bridge.  Nice trail.

Mine shaft


Big as a house tree roots

Jawbone Flats. yes.

Another waterslide blocked by washed down trees.

This pool is the one in above photo. Another deep pool to dive into from center right.

Opal Creek

20 August, 2015

Want To Go Flying?

My husband called me at work to ask me if I would like to go flying.
Instantly, all the work crap faded away.
I hustled my butt through the next 45 minutes. Skipped my break I was due too.

 This is the bend in the Willamette River where Canbyland sits. Unfortunately, we have wildfires making the skies all hazy. I tried for a photo of Mt. Hood. It has very little snow pack left but it totally disappeared into the horizon haze.

The rivers are all low, nothing interesting with contrast except these photos. Those wires connect the two wings to the fuselage, a.k.a. flying wires.

At work, we still have someone on vacation, and the other remains off work because of a car accident. Myself and the remaining clerk have been seriously overworked these last two weeks with limited help from other offices. The bosses continue to disregard all good management practices. Since February, all the weeks have been filled with overtime. Not to mention being the poster child this spring for daring to take three days off sick after I got back from Japan.

Is it stressful? Unbelievably so. I cannot make this stuff up.

My little time off which resulted in 12 weeks of postal drama is still not done, although I seem to be on a back burner. I was all set to quit and find another job when I got into yet more trouble (that I actually could not get into trouble for) and the union was called in and Missy Union talked some sense into me. I have less than three years before I can 'retire'. If I stick it out, I take all my vacation and sick leave (it's easier to work sick than take sick leave) and other benefits with me. We all know how fast 2 1/2 years speeds by.

I asked for next weekend off for the Madras Air Show back in June. The supervisor never gives our request for leave slips back but it is understood if you don't get it back unapproved within 24 hours it is assumed to be approved. Today? I have a note in my cash drawer that my leave has been rescinded (because the car accident coworker is still out on leave).

Like the supervisor sits ten feet from me. 
A note?
 I'm pretty sure I will win this - I am calling my union rep tomorrow and let her do the battle.

So.. ...long 13 hours days with weird lunch breaks (depending on the day) for last two weeks, leave for next weekend rescinded and the hubby called, "Do you want to go flying tonight?"

All mushy thoughts right now.