28 March, 2015

Sea Glass

Awaji Island

Fabric, Or I Have A Problem

Yeah, that's a huge problem.
Sunday's haul.
Two bags full.

Awaji Bridge and Gotochi

The Awaji Island bridge was built only ten years ago. It's the largest suspension bridge in the world.

Huge ocean-going shipping channel

The palm trees lining the road lend this island a resort feel.
The humongous crumbling buddha.

This is how they deliver mail here in Japan. Motorbike in red.

Manhole cover commemorating the bridge.

Found this nifty gotochi of the Awaji Bridge at one post office and the gal gave us a mini-gotochi as a bonus.

We stopped at another post office and they had an array of gotochi. I wasn't tempted- I have enough to make a small collection.

While Janine was deciding, I wandered down the counter. 

Each station has different msde for sale. From Hello Kitty to Snoopy to pretty stationary.

And then I spotted something....

I walked back to my friend to show her my treasure and the gal behind the counter saw it and she whipped out the flat version of the jetliner.

For me, for free.
Everyone was tickled with my reaction.

Husband and Wife Waterfall, Fudo Waterfall, Mayoto Waterfall

In a very, out of the way, skinny back road, was a beautiful setting for a temple.

You look left to see a delightful bridge to cross the stream.
Look right as the stream falls through massive rocks.

This shrine was uniquely situated in a cave amongst the rocks.

Four leaf lucky clovers grow here
One last thing. See the last 2 photos? That's the road in.   Looks like a trail?
Erosion from raging waters has undercut that skinny road too. 
These narrow roads are all over Japan.

We parked back on the main skinny road in a rare pull-out. And walked in. Not far - less than 1/4 mile.

Almost forgot to show you the Husband & Wife waterfalls.
I couldn't insert it earlier in the post with this app.
This little gorge minus a bright orange temple is so similar to Oregon.

And I  hit that big gong -- twice.
Sweet booming sound.

Keinomatsubaraso Hotel On Awaji Island

My friend used to live on Awaji Island before she moved to Kyoto.

She proposed we drive there and stay overnight.
Her daughter met up with a friend at the Aeon Mall and we went on the Naruto Whirlpool cruise and then drove to our hotel.
Keinomatsubaraso Hotel.

Don't forget to switch to your toilet slippers.
This hotel is a traditional, older, japanese hotel.
On the beach with spectacular sunsets.

You take your shoes off immediately upon entering your room and switch to slippers.

One big room with  tatami mats. Low table in center with lots of hidden alcoves and closets.

A thermos of hot water was waiting on that table as well as a tea set for four.

In this closet, pajama robe and a warm robe. Plus a bag with a toothbrush, towel, and the all-important 'bath' towel.

Underneath - more chair cushions.

This closet held five futons plus covers and interesting  japanese - style  pillows.

Each room can hold five people.
We could have shared a room, but the price was the same -whether we shared or had separate rooms.

Pillows feel like corn husks inside.
Harder, but they cradle the head better?

The alcove next to the window held a table and two chairs.
Over in the left corner was the fridge and some massage tools.

You can imagine me flinging open closets and exclaiming.
Unknowingly, my friend gave me my favorite Japanese experience.

Because it got even better.

The baths.

no pictures - sorry.

We undressed and put on our robes, grabbed our big towel and our bathing towel and padded downstairs in our slippers to the baths.

We enter the women's baths which switch the next day to the men's.
Disrobe and go to the shower stations.
With your little towel.

You can use your towel to scrub with or if you don't like to flaunt it as a tiny frontal cover-up.
While in the bath,  the towel is folded and placed atop your head.

Nice body soaps, scrubbers, shampoos and conditioners are at your disposal.

When you feel sufficiently clean, you step into the steamy hot wooden bath and start your relaxation journey.

Each bath here could comfortably hold four or five people - like a large hot tub.

Too hot, get back out, shower down with some cool water.

Feeling like going to the enclosed outside pool? Step out through the sliding doors into another wooden pool. Sit on the shelf, or lay back and float.
Watch the moon as it moves across the sky.

Hot again?
There's shower stations out here too.

When you feel like you've had enough water therapy,  get out and go to the changing room and dry off. There are sinks and more lotions.

For your feet (horny calluses anyone?), for your face. Hair creams & oils.
Collagen to pat lightly into your skin.
Even hair dryers to return your hairstyle.

Robe on, slippers on, return to your room so you can collapse into a good night's sleep (once you figure out how many futons to sleep on and the odd pillows.)

Sumoto Castle

Oh My. Wow.
I had the opportunity to drive around Awaji  Island this weekend.

One of the last things we saw today was Sumoto Castle.

What a gorgeous view -- more than 180' view of the ocean and shipping lanes. It was just absolutely stunning today. Yesterday was hazy, so I'm glad we got to see this lookout today.

Old ferry terminal before bridge built 10 yrs ago

26 March, 2015

Nomura Tailor And Fabric Shopping

If you get fabric cut, you'll want to watch this video below.

Nomura Tailor: https://youtu.be/Js49Dyq0GpI

My photos of this batch of fabrics were taken with inside light - sorry -we're off to awaji island in the morning.

We walked over 12,000 steps yesterday.
We ride the bus to Kyoto station and started from there.

Our goal? Fabric.

1st stop: the teeny,  tiny needle shop
Unfortunately, they were closed.

2nd stop: Nomura Tailor

There are two shops. One has more kits.
There is also a remnant bin halfway back inside the store.

The second is around the corner with three floors; cottons, japanese prints.
2nd floor is knits and dressy garment fabrics.
3rd floor is hardware.
We spent a lot of time on the first floor. This is where I shot the video (link above).
The knits were interesting but nothing jumped out and the prices were $18-26/meter.

Our 4th stop was a wholesale hardware shop so we did not go to the 3rd floor of Nomura Tailor.

This one was fun for purse hardware. They also have fabrics on another floor.
It's where I found the airplane fabric.

Our last stop was a department store near kyoto station.

This one had a really good selection of crafting/sewing books. Both of us picked the same one for fun little projects.

We'd stopped for a cup of McDonald's coffee plus ice cream for Janine.
Fabric buying can be mentally exhausting    so we were getting tired. I forgot to take a photo of the last place and the sack with the name is ready to be packed upstairs.

I will come back to these posts later on my laptop to post links.

This piece is a panel of an older kimono my friend was given.

We found some of this newspaper print fabric.  Janine showed it before on her blog because a friend of hers wrote an article for the Japan Times and there it was -on a fabric!
Also articles that mention McMinnville, Oregon 97128 and another for Redmond OR.

I'm sure it's random. It's actually legible and not written over with grammatically incorrect english translations.

We're off to Awaji Island now.
Just a couple of days left.