21 July, 2014

New Pharmacy Building OSU/OHSU/PSU

Looking up at the artsy light installation in the new OHSU/OSU/PSU Combined Medical Services Building on the south Waterfront of Portland, Oregon.
The large atrium with walkways overhead.

OSU- Oregon State University
PSU - Portland State University
OHSU - Oregon Health Sciences University

My son is attending his third year of Pharmacy school here. Last week, we saw his new house he's living in (with two other pharm. students) and stopped to gawk inside this brand new building.

Combining the dental students with doctors, with pharmacy and other medical fields.
World-class medical research.
This building also serves real patients along with state-of-the-art medical technology learning portals.

Weirdly shaped, this is supposed to represent the barge & shipping industry that was positioned here before. If you squint, it's ferry shaped. . .

His main classroom.
 Windows, at the push of a button, will close off light. Seats are backed with dry erase boards for more inter-activity between students. Power point presentations occur on a giant screen (not shown). Presenter can see where they are in presentation by looking at the tv screen above - towards windows.

The new walkway bridge across the Willamette River.

Only walkers, buses, and light rail allowed - no cars. This is at the foot of the OHSU tram that takes you to Pill Hill where the heart of OHSU exists.
No traffic yet - they just connected the middle.

99 luft ballons ?
art installation.

more info:
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20 July, 2014

Hosmer Lake

I went to visit a friend in Redmond, Oregon this weekend.
We loaded up her vintage (heavy) aluminum canoe and took the dogs to Hosmer Lake.


Paddling through the reeds.

The two dogs graduated as "Best Boat Dogs Ever" which basically means they stayed seated and did not tip the canoe.

My phone camera stayed secure in my pocket - so I stole some lake photos from someone else.

It was a breezy hot day which meant no bug spray but plenty of sunscreen.
There were a couple of wildfires raging between Sisters & Redmond but we lucked out with no smokey smell over Hosmer.

Red Winged Blackbirds were plentiful and colorful.

18 July, 2014

Snow White Pop Up Reader Case

 I went into my sewing room to pull colors for a friend's daughter.
A belated graduation gift.

Several ideas wandered around inside my head from a zip bag to a phone charger pocket to a drawstring bag to a slouchy  messenger bag.

So I made her a eReader cover that allows you to prop up the reader for hands free reading.
I don't even know if she has an eReader.

The Tutorial came from the Inspired Wren - I made three of her vinyl lunch bags in the last month.
Very clear instructions.
After realizing her case is for one of the newer, sleeker eReaders, I found this site which gives dimensions for some of the earlier versions.

Her case length was around 7", give or take, I wanted to make mine longer - about 8".

Ren walks you through the math to make a case to fit your eReader. In my case, since I don't own one and I'm not sure the intended giftee has one, I upped the size of my long panels to 6.5" wide(1/4" seams) by 24.5 tall". My case came out at 6" wide x 8" tall.

I used a thin batting inside instead of interfacing and it worked fine.

The case is basically two long lengths of fabric sewn together that are basically folded in thirds to make the case.
If you want to cleverly piece your fabric, just divide the case in rough thirds and work from there. I fussy cut my Japanese Snow White fabric (from Puyallup SewExpo 2014) to show the witch standing above Snow White.

My hint?  Fold your panels in thirds before sewing and decide what end will be folding down from top - this part shows the most when case is closed. Mark with a pin or something so you don't get confused when you are piecing various parts.
I had a coordinating stripe and the turquoise fabric for the inside.

 I used a priority mail box (bit better than 1-ply) for my cardboard that forms the pop up.

The pop up is adjustable and the shank button keeps the reader from sliding down.

I could always ask Jen what she'd like for me to sew for her - but where's the fun in that?

17 July, 2014

Surprise Package

 Yay!!! A surprise package came knocking at my door!

Can you read the note?
"...Here is a surprise package for your secret free week. Enjoy!..."

some fabrics to play with

Pencil Girl is one of the few that knows I took this week off from overtime, from work, from my parents moving, from the heat wave, etc... I told very few people, on purpose.

I'm off to central Oregon today after I post this. Time for canoeing, hiking, Ringo Starr at the Bend ampthitheater.

Are you getting the idea that Pencil Girl knows me well?
She copied a Vogue magazine article on designing wearable airplane art.

Those airplanes on the garment were stenciled on.

So much inspiration to dream about....

16 July, 2014

Garage Sales and Airplanes

I've been so busy covering vacations that I have had little time nor energy for garage sales.
I did get out last Friday.
 As I was talking to the young mom about how I know her mother, I spied one airplane peg.
She said there were two, couldn't find it and thought it was still inside, could she bring it to me at work?
Wasn't that sweet? Fifty cents a piece plus a hand delivery.

I saw this issue of Ottobre in an email and immediately zeroed in on the aviator hat. MUST HAVE.
I ordered it straight away and received it within two weeks which was quite amazing because it's the Fall 2014 pattern issue.

And look at that airplane thread-stitched onto the back of the coat.
It's perfect for this child's coat - not too cartoony (bubble planes) - just enough details to dream about flying real planes.
It could easily be  a stearman biplane or a waco or a travelaire.
All open cockpit biplanes for which you need a leather helmet.

I don't even have boys to sew for right now ;-)

12 July, 2014

For The Chicken Who Has Everything

My friend Janine (Crafty Tokyo Mama) favorited this item on Etsy.
{I squawked.  I cackled.}

The Seller/Creator says, "This sweater features a full back, straps that fasten with a snap behind the wings and an 8-inch turtleneck and was designed for chickens whose neck feathers are missing. This particular half sweater is hand-crocheted from 100% cotton as Addie lives in Texas where it is very hot."

I think this bit of randomness sums up my life this week. We're in the middle of a heat wave here and trying to work in it - hoping it will cool down enough at night to cool the house down for the next round.

Too many hours at work covering vacations.
The sewing has been at a minimum.

I did sew a maxi-skirt for the 4th of July but I need a couple of photos of it first in order to post.